North Bay Fire Victim Portrait Campaign

Kris, A Santa Rosa Evacuee, spends his 58th birthday at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, where the American Red Cross has stationed one of the largest evacuation centers for the North Bay fires. 

photo by Douglas Despres

The Northern California wine country blazes have been devastating throughout the counties North of San Francisco, especially for all the families. Family homes and family businesses. The ones that have little to no insurance, and are planning on crowd funding campaigns is where I come in. The most effective way I can help is with strong imagery, so I’m organizing a small mobile team to create documentary family portraits for the victims to use in their crowdfunding campaign efforts next week, October 16 through 20. 

Research is currently underway for logistics and materials, and there are strong sponsorships coming through from the photographic industry. We have sponsorship from Samy’s Camera in San Francisco and Richard Photo Lab out of Los Angeles. If your organization wants to join the team as a sponsor for photographic goods or services, please send me a note. 

Seeking press credentials (now) and media outlet coverage (now), so please contact me if you can help.

If you know of an individual, couple, family, or family business, with plans to crowd fund, please get in touch. GoFundMe is the leading place for recovery funds from fire tragedies, so that is the focus. The main image on there is where we want to put a powerful and real image to affect donations. I’m looking to photograph people in front of their damaged / lost properties if possible, which is incredibly hard emotionally, but pairs with the greatest potential for sympathy which in turn leads to monetary donations for their campaigns. We will also be on the ground near shelters and evac centers to do many portraits and advise / educate on crowdfunding.


* 10/13/17 update - Just got off the phone with Samy’s, and we’re good to go for equipment for next week.

* 10/12/17 update - American Red Cross comm director escorted me around to meet people and photograph a victims at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds evacuation center. Contact given to nearby Red Cross evacs.

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