Bob Fogg and the Hancock Clock Tower

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Bob Fogg explains the gear mechanisms inside the clock tower in Hancock New Hampshire, high above the First Congregational Church in downtown. Though retired, he still leads the occasional private tour.

Bob Fogg, now retired, kept time in Hancock New Hampshire by winding the town clock twice a week for fifty years. He explains the timing gears while joking about the puddles of sweat on the floor in the Summer months. He still gives private tours up through the clock tower if you can track him down. It takes 168 revolutions of the heavy double-hand crank to lift the counter weight all the way to the top of it’s chamber, where it slowly steadily lowers towards the floor, two stories below.

More on Bob and his story can be found in the following three journalism articles by the Keene Sentinel, and Yankee Magazine. 

Side-note… my first job, when I was little, was delivering newspapers throughout my local Jaffrey New Hampshire neighborhood for the Keene Sentinel, which I’d often do on rollerblades, trying to out-do my best time… think my record was 9 minutes…

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